Your realistic mindset


We all have different mindsets. Not everyone is born with an Einstein intelligence. This is not necessary – your work will always bear fruits if you train your mindset.

For your group building, you can use our Marketing Centre. There you can find tips and guidelines. Although you have tools there – which you can use.

Where do you advertise?

Many people I know start with free advertising sites. Use paid to advertise only – if you have a budget set aside for this.

There is also a warm marketing method. This means: go out and speak to the people from mouth to mouth. Have some Rewardical -Giftcards with you.

Tell him that SFI is offering a business which can be built very easily.
Our business helps to build a second income. All they need to do is to be
online every day and to complete some tasks.

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!
Now, try Astro Auctions

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Build your TEAM – promote business.


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