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Run your business

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A business is depending on many factors: decisions, risks, adventure, profitability, calculation, planning and working hard. You need also a budget(for time and money), that is free for you to spend on this business only.

Promote your business – online and offline. Online: make use from the Marketing Center, study the Marketing Methods first and then decide where you want to start (Beginner, Intermediate or advanced). The Marketing Aids makes it easy for you to run advertising campaigns with banners, Memes, Text Ads.

For offline promotion, you can use Flyers, Phone Scripts andRewardical X-Cards. Please, be reminded that there is no obligation to buy anything – you are free and independent and you can decide what is the best for you.

Stay focused – see your future, respect others and the company.
If you need help (no matter what) you can contact via Email or via SFI chat tool. I am here to guide you.

This is my last newsletter for this year. I wish you all the best and happy holidays together with your family and/or friends.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Be inspired by big visions

Hello, friends!

We see, that the year is closing soon. 12 months are behind us – they are building a closing chapter,
but also the inspiring feeling that we open a new chapter. What are your dreams?

My dream is, to follow further my vision of becoming a Diamond Team Leader. It is a big vision and I am working to get this new chapter positively done.

There are good vibes in the air and in my mind. I have faith in what I am doing and I try to stay grounded
and real as usual.

I hope, for my TEAM, that anybody has big visions that they may follow. Just follow your heart and intuition either.

Further, I wish that more members of my TEAM communicate more with me. I am always here for the support. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Until then – let’s try Astro Auctions

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Make your Goals and follow your heart


we, as human beings, have many dreams and hopes, that anything might go better.
It is important that you always follow your heart, after making your Goals with a
realistic mindset. No matter if you make goals for your business or in your private sector.
I can confess, that without having goals, everything turns out to be unreachable.

I have begun an extreme calorie – reduced diet in September. That made me to set a
goal on my weight. I started with 115,9 kg – I set my goal for 110 kg. I did what the diet
recommended: the every day calories must not be higher than 800 kcal plus an estimate
8000 daily step challenge.

I have reached the goal, because I am always had the idea, how I may look with 5 kg less.
After I reached 110 kg I set a new goal – 105 kg, 100 kg. Now, my weight is 98,9 Kg.

Visualize always how you look like, after you have reached the goal and then start with a new goal.

It helps, there is a guarantee: if you have your goals in your subconscious. then everything will go nearly automatically.

My goal in business: in November I set my goal to become GTL again. I needed 2 STLs. and I worked hard until I reached this goal.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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