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What motivates you?

Dear Subscriber,

welcome – I hope you will enjoy my Newsletter. Please, communicate with me – I would love to hear from you.

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It is a brand new week.

This newsletter begins with a question. I have asked myself this question several times, and I have always found an answer:

1st, I am doing this business – because it is for my living and its an improvement
2nd, I am working with people – not with machines (even when I am always using a PC).
3rd It is also entertainment – when you think about the games – it is thrilling me

The next question would be:

Where do I get my motivation?

First, I have goals and an unbroken will to reach them.
Second, I can communicate with people around the globe, from different cultures
Third, I love writing. I should plan to write a book (it is also a new goal, which takes full control of myself, presently).

I love to run

We have May, but unfortunately, the weather is more like November.
I always run every Sunday with Nike. The run takes place worldwide with
the Nike Running App and during a while I am addicted and nothing would keep me up (besides health problems). I know at home a glass of fresh Orange Juice is waiting.

Running is the best where I get me motivated. The effect is phenomenal because other areas of my life are infected by it.

Have a successful start in this fresh new week. If you like to test Grandmaster Poker, click on the link below.

Friedrich Fritz

Building something great · Business · Geschäft · Hobby · Knowledge

My special tip for you

What a great day,

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Have a successful week.
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Have a successful week.

Friedrich Fritz

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Run your business

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A business is depending on many factors: decisions, risks, adventure, profitability, calculation, planning and working hard. You need also a budget(for time and money), that is free for you to spend on this business only.

Promote your business – online and offline. Online: make use from the Marketing Center, study the Marketing Methods first and then decide where you want to start (Beginner, Intermediate or advanced). The Marketing Aids makes it easy for you to run advertising campaigns with banners, Memes, Text Ads.

For offline promotion, you can use Flyers, Phone Scripts andRewardical X-Cards. Please, be reminded that there is no obligation to buy anything – you are free and independent and you can decide what is the best for you.

Stay focused – see your future, respect others and the company.
If you need help (no matter what) you can contact via Email or via SFI chat tool. I am here to guide you.

This is my last newsletter for this year. I wish you all the best and happy holidays together with your family and/or friends.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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Last update for November 2019

Hello friends,

please be reminded that the compensation plan has been adjusted. That is good for
all of us. In case you haven’t seen these changes, please urgently read the announcement


Now we can earn 100 % CV Direct Commission – beginning from November 1st.

Please strengthen your efforts in building your groups. Be a good sponsor. Communication
with your team is very important. If you think everything goes automatically, you are
following the untruth. But I want you, dear ~FIRSTNAME~ come to the top and
stay there.

Everything has to be developed. A plant is not just a plant. It first seeded and then
these seeds grow with the help of water, sun, and fertilizer to become a plant.

The same is with people. People were born and grown up. We all have different resources where we came from.
But in the end, we need to grow into a business.

Our seeds are our efforts and we need some water (encouragement) and fertilizer (motivation)
to grow our PSAs to success.

Kindly study these articles on how to sponsor our Affiliates. . Then apply it. I want to see all
PSAs and CSAs go back to work for this last week of November.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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Build your group and work in your favor

every Sunday opens a new chapter to your life and also to your business.
Use the Sunday for a rest, take a walk and communicate with others.
When Monday arrives a new chapter will open. So, use your energy to
make a new plan.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1st how many Affiliates will you recruit?
2nd how many ads will you run on the internet?
3rd how many VersaPoints will you score?

Always think positive – if you cannot answer these questions, I recommend you to start with Launchpad again. The company SFI does anything to help the willing people to become successful.

It occurs that sometimes anything goes slower than previously. Don’t let it bother you. The following week we have the commission payments and we are looking forward to receiving a payment from the USA.

Time is running faster and faster and soon we have Christmas. Be prepared – buy some gifts from TripleClicks. Order it early – this makes it sure that you receive the items before Christmas. In the meantime I invite you to try HIDDEN – the new quiz game.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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I love running

I hope you are all well and you have your freedom to have joy with this business.
Some weeks ago I have purchased a drinking bottle from TripleClicks and it arrived here in Germany some days ago.

This bottle is very special: you have a squeezer at the bottom where you can fix a piece of lemon or lime and after filling the water in you have Detox Water on the run.

Yes, I love running and I run more times a week. This makes my head free and it opens the door for new ideas. No matter, if this ideas are for the business or for my leisure time.

With running, you also have to be disciplined and you set goals – then you start to reach these goals. Sounds similar to growing our success in business, doesn’t it?

Follow your creativity and lead with your heart on this one. Don’t be afraid to be creative or emotional with your financial affairs. Go with your gut and heart when opportunities arise within the new week.

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!

Build your TEAM – promote business.

Please visit my Leadership Page here:

best regards
Friedrich Fritz



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Just Do It every Sunday

Good  day – Entrepreneurs,
Motivation is a keyword for anything you want to do. The best thing is motivate yourseslf before you can motivate others.

Every Sunday I join the worldwide running competition from Nike. They name it ‘Just Do It Sunday’. I am a jogger and I love it to run every Sunday 5 km.

From my motivation to sports I get my motivation for the business – a business is similar to a long distance run. You always have a plan where you run, how fast you run and how the route should be. Should it be flat or should some hills be there?

After the race, this feeling of relief comes – it brings happiness and I’m proud that I did it. You can say that I was successful.

Then I am well prepared for the coming week with all the many tasks that need to be done.

I hope that you have also found a form for your own motivation and wish you much success.   Please try out Astro Auctions – this our new feature.  You Need TCredits to participate.  However, it is worth buying TCredits – because you get many more back.

Go Right away to Astro auctions:

Please Register first and then you can buy TCredits automatically.


Have a nice week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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Communication is the key


please be active every day. This is very important in Network Marketing.
You can communicate with your downline and with your upline.

Every week send your Newsletter to your group – this is what I am doing here.

You can also use E-Cards and sent them to your Affiliates for different categories.

This can be done quickly from any Affiliate Snapshot and from your Genealogy.

Please read the details here:

Please read examples for your weekly Newsletter:

I hope you have a wonderful new week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz
Bronze Teamleader
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Seminar Network Marketing


in ca. 2 Wochen  findet ein sogenannter Action-Day statt.
Es geht dabei um Network Marketing  und die Probleme, die hierbei
entstehen können bzw. wie sie zu vermeiden sind.

Ich bin da mal gespannt – wenn es so weit ist, werde ich darüber
hier berichten.  Bis dahin bitte ich Sie sich über Rewardicals zu informieren.

Diese sind winzig kleine Tokens, die kann man an verschiedenen Stellen und in diversen
Situationen sammeln. Anschließend kann man diese Tokens einlösen und
sich tolle Sachen holen, Spiele spielen, Bitcoins kaufen etc.

Also viel Spaß!

Friedrich Fritz