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Welcome to all the Reader. I will only write my newsletter to my PSAs.

Some of them had signed-up some time ago, and maybe, they have not signed their commitment (Ready To Go) message.

Follow these steps

First, they should soon go to the following link: https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/PRReadyToGo?referrer=search

Then fill out the formula and press the SUBMIT-button below. That is all and they can earn 50 VersaPoints, which are accumulating into commission.

It would be nice if only quality affiliates could be recruited regularly.
I am the sponsor, and I have to rely on a constant stream of new affiliates to receive 2 % or 3 % who really want to succeed in this SFI business.

Everything is for their success and mine, too!

Therefore, I am, and I purchase co-op shares for PSAs from S-Builder, Everybody can sign-up, everybody who has signed-up can have the same success if they are committed and always work, as I work.

I can only survive in that business if you follow the basic principles, that are:

1st find 5 or more people
2nd go EA every month by scoring 1500 VersaPoints
3rd tell those 5 people to do the same

Don’t let the system overwhelm you.

There are constant improvements from Administration, but at last, you can only earn commission, if you generate sales.

I recommend purchasing every month 125 Tcredits for $36,25
https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474 (on Auto-Delivery).
Along with the purchase, you can instantly rank to become Executive Affiliate.

Have a successful week. Try out Astro-Auctions for FREE

Friedrich Fritz


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