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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Without doubts, the pandemic of the Coronavirus affects the global economy very heavily.

Stay at home

Watch the announcements of your local authorities and follow their advice. Relax and then work from the comfort of your home. There is a big advantage now for everybody. Wash your hands more than once very carefully and do not shop more than you need.

Organize the day

The shops are closed and we have the order to stay away from strange people. Warm marketing is no option, now. I use always cold marketing and you can do this, too. You can decide when you go online. The best time is in the morning and during the afternoon.

Your chance to double your income

SFI pays real US-Dollars commission around 10th each month. That means, if you are serious, you start to learn and to earn. Use the tools which are available for free. Promote online every day,
there are so-called traffic exchange networks. Some are free and others request a small fee.

Build your TEAMS: invite your friends, classmates, and colleagues. Send them E-Cards and include your personalized gateway from this list: https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/GatewayList

Go EA: if you have not qualified yet, you have time until Tuesday. Score 1500 VersaPoints according to your VP-Ledger https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/MyReports/VPLedger. Here you can easily find out which actions bring the most VersaPoints. You can also earn additional VersaPoints by generating a purchase.

We always need Tcredits: they begin from $1,99 (equal to 100 VP) – these single packs will help.
1500 VersaPoint is worth 15 single packs for a total of $29,85. It is your option to qualify with a smaller quantity and to earn the remaining VersaPoints through special tasks (as listed in the VP-Ledger).

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask. Please keep yourself safe and in good health.

All to your success

Best wishes
Friedrich Fritz


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