The process of regeneration

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the time and work from your comfort zone.

I love running

Yes, I love it to run every Sunday to keep my body healthy and strong. I run with running shoes and with some electronic gear, the headphone connected via Bluetooth with my iPhone and Nike Running Club (NTC). The run is guided by a Coach.

I choose the regeneration run.

The human body (and mind) needs regular phases of recovery to “function” optimally.
Therefore, all runners should make sure to give your body enough time to regenerate. While I run, I listen to my body, feel my feet on the ground, and watch my breathing.

Yes, while I run, I regenerate – it is my approach. After the run, I enjoy my success, and I am thankful to both my body and my soul. Then I regenerate and prepare for the next race.

Regenerate in business

When we do our business – we are working hard because we need success and we want to help others to become successful. But, after our work has is finished, we need to regenerate from the business.  We can take a walk outside we can have a nice lunch or dinner. We can repeat that every day.

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I wish you much success in your life.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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