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Welcome to another newsletter. Please, read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the time and work from the comfort zone.

My invitation to join my league

Please, follow this link to participate. It is an initiative for all who have an interest and love a little bit of fun.
Once you have signed up, you can ask me for the league password.

Why playing Grandmaster Poker?.

Grandmaster Poker is not your Grandfather’s Poker! Put together your three best hands of Poker simultaneously, using strategic hand-to-hand moves and timely discards to win prizes, badges, t-shirts, and more! Unlimited FREE plays daily! No purchase necessary to win.

However, who joins will get 5 Tcredits from me – remember, for any Tcredit you spend, you earn 10 Rewardicals.

Who can participate?

Every single person can participate – it would be nice to register with before. There is no obligation to buy anything. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

Thank you all for your interest. Please, link it back to me.

I wish you much success in the upcoming weeks.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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