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  • You are the owner of a business

    Hello Entrepreneurs, it is Sunday and it is the best time to write this newsletter. I am a proud member of the SFI Group and I know what I am writing about. I hope you are healthy and you love work from home. It is very safe and can produce profits. Profits that help you […]

  • Join my league in Grandmaster Poker

    Hello Entrepreneurs and online gamers, Welcome to another newsletter. Please, read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the time and work from the comfort zone. My invitation to join my league Please, follow this link to participate. It is an initiative for all who have an interest and love a little bit of […]

  • The Astro Auction Auto Air Vent Freshener Astro Auction Auto Air Vent Freshener— $3.50(Save 29%!) Keep your car smelling great with this cool Auto Air Vent Freshener featuring the Astro Auction logo! Designed to be attached to the air vents in vehicles, this attractive blue-and-white air freshener measures just 2 inches wide and releases a gentle citrus scent. Astro Auction Auto Air […]

  • Important message to all users of my blog

    Hello subscribers, this note is for all users of my WordPress blog. I am much surprised at how many people have subscribed to my blog. I would be very grateful if you could write your stories – which would give me more attraction. Your story could be about your business or real-life themes – like […]

  • Pricebenders is back

    Dear Entrepreneurs, Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the time and work from your comfort zone. Online Auctions are safe and easy At the moment, we are offering two different types of auctions: a) Astro – Auctions b) Pricebenders Auctions Astro Auctions is based […]

  • Spiel mal eine Runde Poker

    Hallo, Grandmaster Poker is nicht gleichzusetzen mit Poker, welches Du von Opa kennst. Die Regel bei Grandmaster Poker ist es, zu versuchen, simultan drei Pokerstapel  zusammenzustellen. Du erhältst zu Beginn drei zufällig ausgewählte Karten aus einem 52 Standardkartenspiel. Überlege Dir, ob Du diese Karten gebrauchen kannst und verteile sie entsprechend auf die 3 Stapel oder […]

  • Our TEAMS are strong

    Dear Entrepreneurs, Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Without doubts, the pandemic of the Coronavirus affects the global economy very heavily. A brief message from my desk I never want to overwhelm you with suggestions and tips. What I want is to make things clear and simple. […]

  • Left with strangers

    Dear Entrepreneurs, how are you? We have a storm this Sunday which could be very strong and dangerous for most Germany. Therefore, I spent more time writing. Sponsoring people to grow our network is one of the hardest ways. Many of us get frustrated when they want others to join them. My tip is to […]

  • The brand new chapter is exciting

    Dear Entrepreneurs, we are already in late January. The new year has taken up speed. Are you feeling satisfied with what you have reached so far? If your answer is maybe, you feel that there should be considered some improvements. Give yourself a kick that puts you to the top. With practical and strategic moves […]

  • Joyful, joyful Christmas Time is here

    Hello, Dear Subscribers, Still, 31 days to go and to work and then we will have Christmas Eve. The days become shorter and the nights become longer – we use candles in the evening, and we are preparing our hearts and our souls for the arriving of Jesus Christ. We think about in this bleak […]

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