The unknown stuff

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to 2021 – happy New Year. It is my first newsletter of the year. I hope you are all safe and work from home. That is the best what you can do, to avoid infection with Covid_19.

Opportunity applied – stuff is unknown

Some surfers on the internet see this advertisement and think: ‘that is the thing I want’. Sign-up is easy and quickly done. What will be the next step?

Sign-ups are our prospects. When they join, they need a sponsor. That is what my contribution as an individual member of that organisation does.

There is a bunch of stuff nobody knows. Everybody feels overwhelmed. It is a great fear to stop anything. Therefore, we see many people signing-up, and the next day they stopped logging in again.

People are angry to ask their friends, classmates, colleagues etc. to join for building something great.

How can we motivate prospects?

Most prospects are not motivated for moving forward and trust our ‘shiny object’-opportunity
They are cool enough for not looking actively to join this business, which would pave their way to an independent entrepreneur. They switch the light off.

The answer to this question is to tell them to have patience and self-confidence. Only when you have self-confidence, you can cultivate positive energy. This energy will keep them forward.
I welcome everybody who joins, and I am looking forward to assisting
to grow in this business.

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Best regards
Friedrich Fritz
I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group


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