Proceed as an Entrepreneur

Hello Entrepreneurs,
hopefully we have our business that we can do from our comfortzone at home. I work fulltime since I became retiree 8 years ago.

Now let me have some tips about the organization of our work.

Whatever you plan in the now and the future – make sure that you work hard and effortlessly. You and I work for us – not for a company. So we are alone with our decisions and we may use wisdom and knowledge to proceed.

Do the working every day at the same time and a separate place in your home; if the possible move into another room. Close the door and open a window.

Set up your working room with sobriety and expediently.

Tell your partner that you are working in this room and you need to concentrate. Don’t let others disturb you.

Calculate your business time and have enough water to drink. Because you cannot work efficiently if your mouth is dry.

Make a list of those people you want to promote. Tell them that you will help them to become successful. Use emails for an invitation and have your homepage. Get used to building websites and learn important skills and what it means to have them go viral. Learn the essentials about social networks. Facebook and Twitter have rules and limitations. Make sure you consider following them, otherwise, you would blame yourself and others.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge. SFI can help you, too. Consider this Company as another programm to help you to build up this business faster, with tools and tips you can use for free.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

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Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz



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