Asking people for referrals

Hello Entrepreneurs,

now, we have already February, and the weather is still too cold, outside.

Do you really think, that referring people to SFI works? Yes, it works when you advertise your gateways every day. Advertise online costfree or not on various Traffic Exchange sites (you can google for it).

You can always check your advertising results in our Hit Tracking application.

Always use Key Codes for a better tracking of your advertising.


There is no need for you for searching the exact ‚catching’ words and you don’t need professional skills for advertising. You can find tons of advertising material within the Marketing Aids, it is your choice to choose Ads for SFI, Eager Zebra Games, Astor Auctions and so on.

Stay in your comfort zone

You work wonderfully comfortable from your home office. You are connected through the internet to millions of prospects, and they are lots of people who are searching the web for an opportunity. People have goals and they want that we help them to a solution. We help others to become great and we are working to become great, too.


I am your sponsor, and I can help. I am working 9 years and it is my business and I have my goals.

The work makes fun and bears fruits. You can do this, too.


Please, sent me your questions via chat and I will answer them within 24 hours.


I wish you the most success you can achieve.
You always need TCredits. When you have enough TCredits you can easily play the games, doing Astro Auctions and more. You also earn 10 Rewardicals for any
TCredit spent.



Best wishes,


Friedrich Fritz


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