You deserve it

Dear Networking Entrepreneurs,

I am Aquarius and I read my Daily Horoscope – this is a habit from my childhood.
A horoscope gíves me a realistic outlook about today and the next days.
We work daily and we barely find time for our emotions. However – if we do work hard –
we deserve an equal measure of relaxation.

Doing a nap after Lunch gives us a lot back – we even get more power for thinking about
our business plan. Sometimes success is very difficult to achieve.

We need to build our TEAMS. Please tell your Affiliates that they should concentrate on building their TEAMS too. Begin to build TEAMs in different generations.

That means use your Gateways together with different key codes.
This would make it easier for you to review which ads are working. Post these
Gateways on classified Websites. You can also use the Gateways for your Emails, you’llsent to your friends, classmates, business partners etc.

Soon – you will have your first sign-ups. Congratulations – you now begin to sponsor people. Once you receive a ‘New PSA Notification’ from SFI administration – open the Affiliate Snapshot amd below you see the Welcome template.

Sent this welcome letter via Email to your new PSA and stay in touch with that person through Chat and offer them your help.
I hope you will find the best Affiliates – which can be real Diamonds – because when they become successful – you will become successful too.

Have a nice week.
Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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