Creative in Business

Hello Entrepreneurs,

I hope you are getting well and I know that you are thinking about this business.
Sometimes you have no ideas at all but on some lucky days you’ve got more
ideas than you can possibly manifest.

Therefore it is good to keep a special folder on your desk or your computer to keep
track of your creative brainwaves. Don’t just jot your ideas down but draw them up.

Maybe you are an artist or not. All that’s important is that the drawing at least
loosely represents your concept.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe far more than that.

Information is just…information. We were advised to read all the information and apply them. But I agree with you that we got overwhelmed with all that. It is too much.

Prospects (PSAs, CSAs, PRMs) want a connection wiht us. They want us to engage in
an emotional conversation that prompts to take action.

Use this question in conversation

“So how do you know when you have found the business that you want to build?”
Say this question early in the conversation. Prospects will tell us their criteria for selecting a

Then, focus on those criteria points when explaining our opportunity.

Build your TEAM – promote business. Success is voluntary.

Have a nice week.
Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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