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Last update for November 2019

Hello friends,

please be reminded that the compensation plan has been adjusted. That is good for
all of us. In case you haven’t seen these changes, please urgently read the announcement


Now we can earn 100 % CV Direct Commission – beginning from November 1st.

Please strengthen your efforts in building your groups. Be a good sponsor. Communication
with your team is very important. If you think everything goes automatically, you are
following the untruth. But I want you, dear ~FIRSTNAME~ come to the top and
stay there.

Everything has to be developed. A plant is not just a plant. It first seeded and then
these seeds grow with the help of water, sun, and fertilizer to become a plant.

The same is with people. People were born and grown up. We all have different resources where we came from.
But in the end, we need to grow into a business.

Our seeds are our efforts and we need some water (encouragement) and fertilizer (motivation)
to grow our PSAs to success.

Kindly study these articles on how to sponsor our Affiliates. . Then apply it. I want to see all
PSAs and CSAs go back to work for this last week of November.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Making decisions in your business

Hello, dear Readers,

We are not employees of our company. SFI has their own business. They do teaching, shipping and receiving, billing, legal, customer service, websites and more. That is their business, not ours.

SFI is doing everything – all we have to do is get our prospects to make a „YES“ decision. We have the easy part.

Yes, we are in the decision-making business.

The #1 question we should have is, „how do our prospects make their final decision?“

Check out the two-page report now. Here is the link:

It is great for your network marketing business. Share this report with everyone you know.

Are goals for winners…or for losers?

On New Year’s Eve, we set goals. We don’t achieve most of them.
That’s right. We fail like a loser. You know, those people that set lofty goals and nothing happens. Those people are all talk, no achieving.

We – in SFI – set our goals every month. There are two key things that we can do immediately to make our goals work for us:

1st Set up automatic activities that make achieving these goals inevitable. When we do these daily activities, our goals are naturally met. Yes, we are creating a system instead of staring at a vision board.

2nd Set goals that automatically pull us through. Instead of struggling and stress, we want these goals to be congruent with our color personality. this creates natural motivation for our activities.

Anyone can set goals. That is the easy part. Achieving goals is the difficult part. Trust your goals and implement your own personal system to meet them.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Build your group and work in your favor

every Sunday opens a new chapter to your life and also to your business.
Use the Sunday for a rest, take a walk and communicate with others.
When Monday arrives a new chapter will open. So, use your energy to
make a new plan.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1st how many Affiliates will you recruit?
2nd how many ads will you run on the internet?
3rd how many VersaPoints will you score?

Always think positive – if you cannot answer these questions, I recommend you to start with Launchpad again. The company SFI does anything to help the willing people to become successful.

It occurs that sometimes anything goes slower than previously. Don’t let it bother you. The following week we have the commission payments and we are looking forward to receiving a payment from the USA.

Time is running faster and faster and soon we have Christmas. Be prepared – buy some gifts from TripleClicks. Order it early – this makes it sure that you receive the items before Christmas. In the meantime I invite you to try HIDDEN – the new quiz game.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Your realistic mindset


We all have different mindsets. Not everyone is born with an Einstein intelligence. This is not necessary – your work will always bear fruits if you train your mindset.

For your group building, you can use our Marketing Centre. There you can find tips and guidelines. Although you have tools there – which you can use.

Where do you advertise?

Many people I know start with free advertising sites. Use paid to advertise only – if you have a budget set aside for this.

There is also a warm marketing method. This means: go out and speak to the people from mouth to mouth. Have some Rewardical -Giftcards with you.

Tell him that SFI is offering a business which can be built very easily.
Our business helps to build a second income. All they need to do is to be
online every day and to complete some tasks.

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!
Now, try Astro Auctions

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Build your TEAM – promote business.

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