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Dear All,

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As you know a picture tells more than a thousand words. Therefore, let us keep the public image of SFI at a high level. As we run our own business, it is highly important that you have a good photo displayed on your sfi member center.

I have seen, that a majority of my TEAM members don’t have this photo. It is very easy to upload a foto to your profile.

It should be a business photo – please don’t add your vacation shots or shots from your pets. This would only lead your business partners astray. With your photo, you begin selling yourself.

It has much to do with confidence and trust. Show your best face, positive attitude. Ask you this question: ‘Can I trust myself, would I buy something from me?’

We are business people – we have to decide and we expect that our partners will agree with these decisions. Brainstorming is what you need to do. It is a kind of meditation, a manifestation of your mind. You sit quietly in your chair and let your mind flow – wait five minutes or ten and then see what happened.

A lot of ideas could be bombarding you and you should write these ideas down, on a sheet of paper. Start your communication with your group and begin to sell. You will be surprised, how easy your mind will take over that part. Just follow the flow.

Please register – if you want to begin to work for your 2nd income, here: or try out our Astro Auctions. If you need TCredits, just ask me.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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