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We work in the area of Network Marketing. This means we build our Network and our Network does the Marketing of our Services, Games, Auctions and many other things, TripleClicks and SFI are offering.

Every PSA and every CSA is individually FIRST. You are first and your TEAM is second. Whatever you do – your TEAM members are following you. Therefore we have badges. The more badges you (we individually) have the higher is your value. You earn a lot of gratitude and honour in this way.

Therefore – provide your TEAM with the information they need to strengthen their faith in the business. There are believers and non-believers. However, you need only 5 strong believers in your TEAM.

How to find prospects?

Be motivated – when we talk to our friends and relatives and ask them to imrpöve their financial future, we constantly receive a rejection. So, you need another way for looking to new prospects, right?

  • you could join 20 networking clubs
  • you could run your own Facebook Group
  • you could run ads on different sites
  • you could work harder
  • You could buy 1000 names of new prospects

Just ask the simple question:

„Are you okay with working that job for the rest of your life?“ This question would generate some quality conversations quickly. Learn better words for better results.

Breaking the ice

Great statements and great questions get prospects to think. We don’t want to use vague, boring statements. Look at the difference below. Which statement do you think will do better?

  • A. How is your financial future?
  • B. How much longer do you want your spouse to be working?
  • A. Lose weight for a healthier lifestyle.
  • B. Never be called the “Roly-Poly Aunt” again.
  • A. Consider a Plan B to your job.
  • B. Quit your job before they take the last bit of life out of you!

It is the words we say that makes a difference.

It is always your choice which conversation you wish to begin.

But for now, I invite you to try Astro Auctions. You will need TCredits.

Please also visit my Wordpress blog here: https://www.fwfritz.net/2019/01/28/the-public-image/

All the best success to you first!


Friedrich Fritz


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