Always sceptical – even the advice is good

Hello, Entrepreneurs,
we are beginning the Christmas season. The winter is coming to Germany, it is cold outside and occasional snow is falling.

It is the curse of the green personality. We are so careful before we take the next step.

We want everything proven and safe. Therefore, we question everything.

There are real Top-Earners in SFI, doing this Network Marketing biz.

What do you think about these top-earners?

Read through the answers with my sceptical mind and you get the following solution:

1st they follow the system

sceptical mind answers: so, if you couldn’t follow the specific system one networker used, you should quit? Never try? Or work to develop your own that works for you?

2nd They fail a lot ….and move forward every time.

sceptical mind answers: I know a lot of 30-year veteran network marketers who keep failing. Always trying new things that don’t work. Moving forward to fail again isn’t progress.

3rd Use tools to automate the business.

sceptical mind answers: So, no one became a top earner before tools and automation was invented? Hard to believe.

4th they recruit up.

sceptical mind answers: So if we start like normal people, without that winner’s mindset, we won’t be able to make our first step?

And so scepticism began. I love this free study group. It makes us question what we think we know and helps us grow.

I know what you are thinking: How can green personalities, with their sceptical mindsets, ever become a leader in network marketing?

Your first step begins with level 1 and then you need further skills and resources to get higher levels. Your encouragement and your positive thinking mindset are all you need and a schedule, when and how you will reach the next level.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz


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