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Work with routine and structure

we are slowly but steadily approaching Christmas Season. Some of my friends and colleagues start to clean their rooms and invest in nice decorations for the holy days.

Don’t stop offering Christmas gifts on your TripleClicks connection page.
There are a lot of little things which can be found under the Christmas Tree.

Just make a collection and promote it online and offline.

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Begin to apply it immediately. Try out FREE advertising before you
risk some Dollars.

As I am a proud SFI Affiliate I recommend you to make often use of these product collections.

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!

Build your TEAM – promote business.

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Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

I love running

I hope you are all well and you have your freedom to have joy with this business.
Some weeks ago I have purchased a drinking bottle from TripleClicks and it arrived here in Germany some days ago.

This bottle is very special: you have a squeezer at the bottom where you can fix a piece of lemon or lime and after filling the water in you have Detox Water on the run.

Yes, I love running and I run more times a week. This makes my head free and it opens the door for new ideas. No matter, if this ideas are for the business or for my leisure time.

With running, you also have to be disciplined and you set goals – then you start to reach these goals. Sounds similar to growing our success in business, doesn’t it?

Follow your creativity and lead with your heart on this one. Don’t be afraid to be creative or emotional with your financial affairs. Go with your gut and heart when opportunities arise within the new week.

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!

Build your TEAM – promote business.

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best regards
Friedrich Fritz



Demand Freedom – work with diligence

Hello to all my readers,

welcome to you.  I am really appreciating your work every day. In case you have not found any idea on how to start your business – just focus on the essentials. It is very easy to find them. Everything has been written down.

Login daily to your SFI homepage, begin with ALERTS. See the new announcements from
the Administration and read the latest threads in our FORUM. Not yet a member?
Just sign in here: .

When you visit the FORUM you will find Tips and good thoughts – you can also ask the FORUM if you need help or in case you could not find the answer elsewhere.

Today it the perfect time to give that conventional facet of your personality the stability it craves.  A business requires that you need to think in structures and have plans. Start a new project – find places where you can easily find people who would be highly interested in follow your invitation to start a business for themselves.

We have the opportunity (SFI, TripleClicks, Eager Zebra Games, Rewaricals etc.) – just
reach out your hand to those who also have dreams and who want to get more in their life.

Here are some tips for creating your new mindset:

1. Do not over analyze things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive outcomes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
5. Remember whenever someone undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.

SFI is a people business so STP which means See The People (online and offline).
This business is SIMPLE, but not easy! We must focus our efforts…
1) Use the products and services
2) Share the Affiliate opportunity
3) Rinse and Repeat

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!

Build your TEAM – promote business.

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best regards
Friedrich Fritz


Simplicity of daily routines

Just Do It (not only) at Sunday- everyday!


We must focus on respecting the routines in our life – even we need to improve them, from time to time.

Be creative and innovative at some occasions, too. You know your system which you already have in place, then look inside and look out for way to make it all better.

In business – we need an organized routine, which should be the most efficient. This counts more than you may assume.

Streamline the processes of your daily life, like grocery shopping, paying bills, getting to work on time and more.

Build your TEAM – promote business.

best regards
Friedrich Fritz


K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Dear Reader,

today a new month is starting. It is a new challenge for anyone of our TEAM.
If we understand that we all do our network marketing every day, but we just don’t
get paid for! We feel bad and miss-understood.

Never say: „I can’t find any prospects – no matter what I am doing” – think positive and brainstorm.

Watch the news. What do we see?

We are constantly reading reports of growing poverty, people who have lost everything, growing unemployment worldwide. People who can not repay their debts – with all these negative consequences.

These people desperately need more income to meet those big monthly
minimum payments.

So when we are visiting with prospects who have nice houses, nice cars, and nice clothes … remember, our prospects may be desperate for a solution to their monthly cash-flow dilemma.

We have their solution

Instead of talking about $10,000 a month, we could show that our opportunity can
provide $50 to $300 month in extra cash (and constantly growing). For some prospect, this is all they need to change their lives.

We don’t motivate people. What we do is recruiting motivated people.
Then, we make sure we don’t unmotivate them.

Build your TEAM – promote business.

Have a good start in October!

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

P.S.: We have a new game ‘HIDDEN’ – it is good for English Lovers
Just follow this link:

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